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9 September 2018

Hundreds converge on Māngere for the future of families

Over 600 guests converge today for Whānau Ora Hui 2018. Māori health and wellbeing organisations from across the North Island, government leaders, international contributors, and indigenous […]
6 June 2018

Join us at Whānau Ora Hui 2018 – Registrations are open

Registrations are now open for Whānau Ora Hui 2018. “With pre-sales at nearly 300, places are limited. So getting in early is very important”, says Te […]
6 June 2018

Making whānau voices heard

Whānau Ora Hui 2018 brings whānau voices and whānau stories front and centre stage. Everyone will enjoy first-hand accounts of how Whānau Ora has effected positive […]