Hundreds converge on Māngere for the future of families

Hundreds converge on Māngere for the future of families

Over 600 guests converge today for Whānau Ora Hui 2018. Māori health and wellbeing organisations from across the North Island, government leaders, international contributors, and indigenous future-makers are gathering together to learn, share, inspire, and explore Whānau Ora.

“It’s about family well-being, Whānau Ora – we know there’s a close relationship between wellbeing and family functioning”, says Te Pou Matakana Chair Merepeka Raukawa-Tait. “Our Whānau Ora Partners are working with families every day – averting crisis situations, overcoming obstacles, planning, and achieving positive changes for themselves and their communities. It’s an opportunity for us all to come together, along with government, international and national experts, to a place where we can share and learn from each other and from whānau.”

Whānau voices will be heard throughout the conference through digital media. Over 30 families have shared their challenges, aspirations and Whānau Ora journey. “Technology is a way for us to bring Whānau voices to the ears of all – after all this is all about them.”

The conference theme this year is Whānau eke panuku which speaks of whānau rising up together and striving for their vision of success. “We want to clear that pathway for them”, says Merepeka. “It’s about overcoming obstacles and being triumphant.”

“Whānau are facing what is sometimes traumatic challenges. They must be treated with care and respect – this is ‘the Whānau Ora way’ of doing things.”

The hui, hosted by the North Island Whānau Ora Commissioning agency, Te Pou Matakana and their over 80 Whānau Ora Partners, takes place over the next three days, 10-12 September at the Holiday Inn Māngere, Tāmaki Makaurau.

Three days of inspirational national and international speakers; panel discussions with Ministers, iwi, urban Māori and strategists; innovative workshops; and valuable networking opportunities. All adding up to an experience of how this unique commissioning approach is changing lives.

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Background on Te Pou Matakana:

Established in 2015 Te Pou Matakana is the North Island’s Whānau Ora Commissioning Agency. We work with whānau and our 80 Whānau Ora Partners to support whānau success.

Te Pou Matakana is responsible for commissioning initiatives that drive whānau health and wellbeing by building on the strengths and assets of whānau and communities.

Our model for commissioning has measuring outcomes for whānau at the heart of its activities. This commissioning for outcomes approach enables us to know what works for whānau and to work collaboratively to maximise outcomes for whānau.

Our distinguished Pou – Dame Tariana Turia and Professor Sir Mason Durie have laid a foundation for Whānau Ora to flourish.

What is Whānau Ora?